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When Woodlynn was founded in the 1960’s threaded bed legs were used on most wooden bed frames so turning wooden bed legs became a significant part of Woodlynn's original business activity.  Although these legs were largely replaced by cheaper plastic legs and glides there has been an on-going demand for wooden legs, particularly for situations where the taller wooden leg raises the bed height.  This includes commercial beds, to lessen the daily bending down for maids, and apartment/flatting situations where raised beds provide extra storage space underneath the bed.    We stock a general range of legs for supply to distributors and manufacturers.


We continue to stock wooden Bed Legs in a range of sizes with the original standard wooden thread (with or without plastic castors). Alternatively these can be provided with a steel threaded hanging pin to fit threaded metal T-nuts or nutserts fitted into the bed frame.     

In addition we produce large turned Bun legs in different timbers including Pine, Macrocarpa and Rimu.

Other Legs   Finishing
Table legs and chair legs have been included with “Furniture Components”. We custom make many legs of different shapes and sizes for various products.  If there is a specific design you require please contact us.    

Our In-House polishing facility provides a convenient finishing service for items where final appearance is important.  The current range of STANDARD COLOURS include: Clear lacquer; Rimu; Dark Brown (Ancient Oak); Reddish Brown (Dark Cherry) and Black

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