With nearly 50 years involved with industrial wood turning, Woodlynn has a significant level of experience for you to draw on.  Our numerous wood lathes vary from a simple hand lathe (for making samples and one-off jobs), a copy lathe for small runs, face plate and back knife lathes for medium size runs, to semi-automatic lathes and high speed rotary lathes for long runs.

This gives Woodlynn the ability to provide a one-stop custom woodturning service that covers any product size or run quantity.



Over the years we have provided many different turned items in varying quantities. 

If it is turned and made from timber we have most likely made it or something similar before (if not then we probably would like to “have a go”).



Lamp Bases

Woodlynn have provided a variety of solid wood lamp bases, from small table lamps to large floor lamps.

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